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One thing we know for sure – every single person can help our country control the COVID-19 pandemic. Testing can help people determine if they are infected & know that there is a risk of spreading the infection to others

Our specialized services

School and Workplace

Our nursing team (RNs, RPNs) will come to your School or Workplace for Antigen Testing 

Internation Travel

Our documentation has been accepted everywhere our clients have travelled 

Film Production

Our nursing team (RNs, RPNs) will come to your Production Place for Antigen Testing 

Frequently Asked Questions

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An antigen test detects viral antigens (proteins based on the surface of the virus) of the Sars-Cov-2 virus (the virus that causes Covid-19) within a swab taken from a person’s nose and throat. The detection of Sars-Cov-2 antigens indicates that the person being tested may have an active Covid-19 infection.

The test can tell you whether you are currently infected with the virus and therefore able to transmit the virus to others. With this information you can then safely isolate from friends and family and seek further testing or medical advice if necessary.

We have sourced the best testing equipment, one of the few countries leading the world in testing and infection control and will continue to upgrade when improved tests become available. Our antigen test boasts an accuracy of over 95%.

You will receive your results via the email address that you registered for the booking of the test within a 30 minutes.

we will bring Antigen testing to your site, saving you time and the inconvenience of travel and waiting in assessment centres.

Absolutely! We are here for you. Contact us right now for more info 🙂

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