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We offer KN95 masks that are multi-layered masks with 5-layer protection. Non-woven cloth, hot air cotton, and melt-blown fabric are used to create the layers. The non-woven fabric is hydrophobic, which means it repels water and droplets. Furthermore, the softness of the hot air cotton guarantees a lower air velocity. The KN95 mask features a 3D foldable design as well as a flexible nose bridge clip to fit better and firm the face. Unlike other masks, our KN95 mask also has an elastic earloop, which guarantees a close and secure fit to the face from the nose to the chin. This KN95 mask will protect you against a wide variety of particles, including bacteria, viruses, dust, smog, and pollens. These masks are also designed to provide 95% protection against all particles with a diameter of more than 0.3 m. resultantly satisfying your safety and health requirements to the fullest.


Proper Way to Wear

        ☞ You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitiser before putting on the mask.
        ☞ Hold the earloop mask and nosepiece facing up and place the mask under your chin.
        ☞ Stretch the earloops over each ear.
        ☞ Position and adjust the mask on your nose by using both of your hands.
        ☞ You should mould the nosepiece to the shape of your nose and push it downwards on both sides of the nosepiece.
        ☞ Always perform a fit and seal check by placing both hands over the mask.
        ☞ Make sure not to move or disturb the position of the mask.
        ☞ You can test whether the mask fits properly by exhaling; if there is air leakage, then make sure to adjust the mask again.



Self-priming, filter-type breathing protective equipment for protection of particulate matter, breathing protection equipment for non-protection of harmful gases and vapours, not suitable for the oxygen-deficient environment, underwater operation, escape and fire protection breathing protection


Four layers

         ☞ Inner layer: skin-friendly non-woven fabric
         ☞ Middle layer 1: Hot air cotton
         ☞ Middle layer 2: Meltblown fabric
         ☞ Outer layer: Spunbond nonwoven fabric

Manufacturing Standard

EN149:2001+A1:2009 / GB2626-2006


Ear loop style
Easy to breathe through
5 layers
Protection: in and out particles




175mm * 95mm

Technical Specs

Inward leakage: TIL shall less 11% or 8%. PFE for non-oily particle: >= 95%

The pressure drop >= 100Pa in 60 seconds. Respiratory resistance: <= 350 Pa, and the exhalation resistance <= 250Pa. Materials should be made of non-flammable materials. The mask burns no more than 5s after leaving the flame