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Covid-19 Prevention Tips

We may not have a solution to the virus, but it does not mean that we cannot prevent its spread. The following slides will provide some guidelines to help safeguard yourself against the virus.


Wash Your Hand

From an early age, we have been told always to wash our hands, which has become more imperative in this pandemic. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. This will allow us to halt the spread of the bacteria to our T-zone on our face.

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Clean & Disinfect

Your hands are not the only things that leave the house. Your phone, wallet, watch, and anything else which is taken outside must be disinfected with a sanitizer spray to avoid the virus from spreading at home.

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Use Face Mask

Make sure, before leaving the house, you wear a face mask to cover the nose and the mouth. This protects others from you by covering your sneezes and coughs. Make sure the mask is regularly changed for it to be more effective.

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Maintain Distance

Keep at least a 1-meter or 3.5 feet distance between you and the others, as COVID-19 virus particles cannot travel much farther in the air. The further away you are from each other, the better.

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Current Number Of Covid 19 Cases

COVID-19 has pervaded rampant across the globe, affecting many in its trail. The following numerical data provides information on the effect of the virus.


Total Cases








Covid-19 Antigen Screening and Testing


Who We Serve

We perform Antigen tests that are processed by Ontario labs and overseen by our industry leading medical team. We are currently available in the Greater Toronto Area.


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